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The Grand Lawyer Marketing Plan: How to double your law firm’s revenue by building a “recession-proof” case generation marketing machine


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I have consulted with, trained and done marketing for almost every practice area in the nation. I have 200+ YouTube videos, 5 books on legal marketing and regularly get asked to present on this stuff. Just to think, 2 years ago, I was nobody. Why all this, all of a sudden? It's because of what I'm about to teach you on Friday. Do you want to double your law firm's revenues and profits by creating a "Recession-Proof" lead generation machine? Do you want to learn how to make 100% of your online marketing work on every DAMN platform? Do you want to know how to turn "wasted marketing dollars" into profit machines? If you're serious about growing your law firm and building a recession-proof business for yourself, your staff and your family... Join today.


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